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Artalk Options

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See Artalk Configurationopen in new window for details.

  • The el pageTitle, pageKey and site options are reserved for plugins, they will be inferred from VuePress config.

  • Two function options imgUploader and avatarURLBuilder can only be set on client side.

Plugin Config

You can directly configure serializable options in the plugin options:

import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
import { commentPlugin } from "vuepress-plugin-comment2";

export default defineUserConfig({
  plugins: [
      provider: "Artalk",
      // other options
      // ...

Client Config

You can use the defineArtalkConfig function to customize Artalk:

import { defineClientConfig } from "vuepress/client";
import { defineArtalkConfig } from "vuepress-plugin-comment2/client";

  // Artalk config

export default defineClientConfig({
  // ...