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Adding Comment

This plugin globally registers a component <CommentService />.

  • If you are a user, you should use alias and layout slots to insert the component. We recommended you to insert the comment component (<CommentService />) after the <PageNav /> component, and here is a demo with default theme.
  • If you are a theme developer, you should insert this component in the layout of your theme.

Comment Status

By default, <CommentService /> component is enabled globally, and you can use comment option in both plugin options and page frontmatter to control it.

  • You can disable it locally by setting comment: false in page frontmatter.

  • To keep it globally disabled, please set comment to false in the plugin options. Then you can set comment: true in page frontmatter to enable it locally.

Comment Services

Currently you can choose from Giscus, Waline, Twikoo and Artalk.

Choosing from comment services

People who your blog or documentation are targeting:

  • Programmers and developers: Giscus
  • General public: Waline