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Less than 1 minute

Artalk is a neat self-hosted commenting system that you can easily deploy on your server and put into your front-end page.

Come to your blog, or anywhere, place the Artalk comment box, so that the page has rich social functions.


pnpm add -D artalk

Deploy Artalk Server

See the Artalk documentationopen in new window.


Please set provider: "Artalk" and pass your server link to server in the plugin options.

For other configuration items, see Artalk Configurationopen in new window.


The plugin retains the el option and inserts Artalk itself on the page. At the same time, the plugin will automatically set the pageTitle, pageKey and site options for you according to the VuePress information.


In order for Artalk to apply the correct theme, you need to pass a boolean value to <CommentService /> through the darkmode attribute, representing whether the dark mode is currently enabled.