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Less than 1 minute

Giscus is a commenting system based on GitHub Discussion that is easy to start.


  1. Create a public repository and open discussion panel as a place to store comments.

  2. Install the Giscus Appopen in new window to have permission to access the corresponding repository.

  3. After completing the above steps, please go to the Giscus pageopen in new window to get your settings.

    You just need to fill in the repository and Discussion categories, then scroll to the "Enable giscus" section at the bottom of the page and obtain four attributes: data-repo, data-repo-id, data-category and data-category-id.


Please set provider: "Giscus" and pass data-repo, data-repo-id, data-category and data-category-id as plugin options as repo, repoId, category categoryId.

For other options, see Giscus Config.


By default, the theme of Giscus is light or dark (based on darkmode status).


To let Giscus apply the correct theme, you need to pass a boolean value to <CommentService /> via darkmode property, indicating whether darkmode is currently enabled.

If you want to customize theme in lightmode and darkmode, you can set lightTheme and darkTheme option with a built-in theme keyword or a custom CSS link starting with https://.