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A concise, safe and free static site commenting system, based on Tencent Cloud Developmentopen in new window.


pnpm add -D twikoo

Getting started

Vercel Deployment

  1. Apply for MongoDBopen in new window account

  2. Create a free MongoDB database, the recommended region is AWS / N. Virginia (us-east-1)

  3. Click CONNECT on the Clusters page, follow the steps to allow connections from all IP addresses (Why?open in new window), create Database user, and record the database connection string, please change the <password> in the connection string to the database password

  4. Sign up for a Vercelopen in new window account

  5. Click the button below to deploy Twikoo to Vercel in one click

    Vercelopen in new window

  6. Go to Settings - Environment Variables, add the environment variable MONGODB_URI, the value is the database connection string in step 3

  7. Go to Overview, click the link under Domains, if the environment configuration is correct, you can see the prompt "Twikoo cloud function is running normally"

  8. Vercel Domains (with https:// prefix, e.g. is your environment ID