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About 2 min

A safe comment system with backend.


pnpm add -D @waline/client

LeanCloud Settings (Database)

  1. sign inopen in new window or sign upopen in new window LeanCloud and enter Consoleopen in new window.

  2. Click Create appopen in new window button to create a new app and enter a name you like:

    Create App

  3. Enter the app, then select Settings > App Keys at the left bottom corner. You will see APP ID, APP Key and Master Key of your app. We will use them later

    ID and Key

Deploy to Vercel (Server)

Vercelopen in new window

  1. Click the blue button above, it will redirect you to vercel to deploy with waline template.


    If you haven't logged in, we recommend you to sign in with GitHub.

  2. Input your Vercel project name then click Create.

    skip team

  3. Repo which named you input before will be created and initialized automatically base on waline example template by Vercel.


    After one minute or two, vercel should finish the deployment. Click Go to Dashboard button to redirect to your application dashboard.


  4. Click Settings menu on the top, and Environment Variables button on the side to go to environment variables setting page. Then set LEAN_ID, LEAN_KEY and LEAN_MASTER_KEY. The variables' value should be the ones you got in the previous step. APP ID is the value of LEAN_ID, and APP Key to LEAN_KEY, Master Key to LEAN_MASTER_KEY.

    set environment variables

  5. To let your environment variables setting active, you need redeploy your application. Click Deployments menu on the top and find the latest deployment at the top of list, click Redeploy button in the right dropdown menu.


  6. If everything is ok, vercel will redirect to Overview page to start redeployment. Wait a moment the STATUS will change to Ready. Now you can click Visit to visit the site. This link is your server address.

    redeploy success

Assign Domain (Optional)

  1. Click Settings - Domains to go to domain setting page.

  2. Input domain you want to assign and click Add button.

    Add domain

  3. Add a new CNAME record in your domain service server.

  4. You can use your own domain to visit waline comment system after go into effect. 🎉

    • admin



Using plugin

Set provider: "Waline" in the plugin options, and set serverURL as the link obtained in the previous step.

Then, place the <CommentService> component at a suitable location in your site (usually at the bottom of the page), you will be able to see the comment box.


You can also pass in other options supported by Waline (except el). For details, see Waline Config

Comment Management (Management)

  1. After the deployment is complete, please visit <serverURL>/ui/register to register. The first person to register will be set as an administrator.
  2. After you log in as administrator, you can see the comment management interface. You can edit, mark or delete comments here.
  3. Users can also register their account through comment box, and they will be redirected to their profile page after logging in.